Technology Partners

AIQUAL adopts a technology and vendor agnostic philosophy that keeps the focus on the customer specific context and requirements. We select our partners carefully so we can architect the best end-to-end data management and digital transformation solutions for our customers.

These are the top criteria in our partner selection process:

  • We favor open-source as most innovations in data management are taking place there
  • We only consider leaders in their respective domain
  • We pick partners with low-risk pricing models requiring minimal upfront CAPEX investment
  • We value partners who are deeply committed to an open ecosystem and no lock-in
  • We look at synergies that enable AIQUAL to architect best-in-class solutions at least cost

After the Hortonworks and Cloudera merger, we are now partners with the new Cloudera. We are old partners of Hortonworks with in-house capabilities to support any big data project.

This is the alphabetical list of technology providers we have short-listed so far. We believe that each one provides compelling and leading-edge technologies.

  1. Actility: IoT devices, connectivity and platform. Agent 
  2. Denodo:  the leader in data virtualization. Solutions Consultant / Systems Integrator 
  3. Cloudera: the leader all open-source Hadoop distribution. Partnerworks Consultant 
    Partnerworks Accredited Technical Sales Professional
  4. Microsoft: leader in enterprise software, data management and cloud. Partner Network  
  5. MicroStrategy: Leader quadrant in BI and reporting offers free fully-featured desktop BI tool for SME customers
  6. Open Xchange: Cloud-based leading solution for email, collaboration, and office productivity with focus on security and data privacy
  7. Talend: Visionary open source data integration technology for all kinds of data, and with wide adoption and a favorable pricing model

 Service Partners

AIQUAL relies on a Service Partner ecosystem with vetted partners for larger project deliveries.

Partners are found around the world. Here are some examples:

  1. The Specialist Foundation for Technology and Services (SFTS): Service provider and business development company, based in Oman.
  2. Aiconomica: provides services in Morocco market
  3. Open Consulting Group: A global network of 21st century digital transformation consultants
  4. HiveMind: A provider of vetted digital transformation consultants based in UK but with international reach