What’s in a company name? The birth of AIQUAL

In this first post, I want to announce the birth of a new company Aiqual Technology – FZE

It is an endeavor close to my heart as an entrepreneur with a desire to do my share in the economic development and prosperity of humanity. To give back from the useful stuff I have learnt in my 20+ years of experience in data management.

The first challenge was to pick a name for this company!

What’s in a company name? It is a major part of the business branding. So why did I call this company AIQUAL, which is hard to pronounce?

AIQUAL is a fusion of the acronym AI and the word Equal. It was intended to hint at Actionable / Artificial Intelligence as a focus areas of the business. Upon testing it with native English speakers, they stuttered and struggled to pronounce it. I had to explain that it should be simply pronounced Equal. In conclusion, the name sounded like a creative failure. So why did I keep it?

As I was searching for available domain names, aiqual.com felt right intuitively. Then I hesitated. But finally it all started to make sense as I thought about how meaningful the letters AI were and how well they represented the business and its products and services. Let me start from the top down:

  • Ambition and Innovation
  • Approach and Incentives
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence


  1. Ambition and Innovation = the right mindset for business leaders looking to succeed in digital transformation includes an ambitious vision for change and fostering a culture of innovation
  2. Approach and Incentives = using the right digital transformation methodology that considers all success and failure factors including incentives for every stakeholder to become a digital champion
  3. Architecture and Integration = the optimal data architecture in this age is a hybrid data ecosystem of structured and unstructured data. Compared to traditional data warehouses, it requires more complex integration both southbound with the data sources and northbound with the data consumers. It also requires better governance and lifecycle management. So the right Architecture and the right Integration are critical  to keep your data assets flowing and fueling your business.
  4. Analytics and Insights = data analytics first transforms raw data into information than further correlates it to obtain deeper insights.  These insights need to become an integral part of tactical and strategic decision making. This is the first step in becoming a data-driven organization
  5. Actionable Intelligence = the business value of data analytics is maximized when the resulting insights are made systematically actionable via automation and intelligent apps. For example guiding next best action and generating recommendations or detecting fraud in real time
  6. Artificial Intelligence = the next level of actionable intelligence is where the action is delivered autonomously by systems that continuously learn and self-improve such as customer service chat bots and robots, or to flag errors in invoices so they can be fixed (this is our focus in VAT compliance solution). This can be considered the peak of business efficiency and the enabler of new disruptive business models.

Please let me know how you rate the name AIQUAL after this explanation. Is it a hit or a miss?

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